Amazon Releases Cameras Recap API

Amazon has announced the release of a Cameras Recap API that gives apps the ability to play video feeds recorded by smart home cameras.

The Cameras Recap API is part of the Smart Home Skill API and requires version 3 of the latter. Users of apps that have been integrated with the API can initiate playback using Alexa. For instance, a user could say, "Alexa, show the event that just happened at the front door". The API will respond with a URL to the recording so that the app can retrieve and play it.

The Cameras Recap API supports Ring, Cloud Cam, Arlo and Augus camera devices, and feeds can be viewed on Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire TV, and Fire Tablet devices. Currently, the API is available to developers in the US only but Amazon says that support for international locales will be added soon.

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