Amazon Releases Open Source Alexa Auto SDK

Amazon today announced the open source release of its Alexa Auto SDK, which lets automakers integrate its Alexa service into their vehicles.

Alexa is the retail giant's voice-based intelligent assistant that millions of consumers interact with through Amazon Echo devices. Amazon wants Alexa to be used far and wide, and to that end has been increasing the number of Alexa-related tools it offers developers. Voice-based services are a perfect fit for automobiles, as consumers are in many cases required by law to use hands-free devices, so it's not surprising that Amazon is paying attention to the auto market and trying to woo automakers.

The Alexa Auto SDK provides a runtime engine for communicating with the Alexa service, as well as interfaces for controlling audio input, media playback and phone control. With the SDK, automakers could allow drivers to use Alexa to perform a variety of tasks, such as play music, initiate phone calls and manage climate control systems.

Amazon Alexa AAC architecture

The SDK supports a number of platforms, including Android x86, Android ARM 32 and 64-bit, and QNX ARM 64-bit. It is available on GitHub, and Amazon has created a sample Android application that shows how the SDK can be used.

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