Amazon Releases Version 1.0 of the AWS SDK for Go

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the popular cloud computing provider that offers reliability across storage, database, analytics, applications and development services for a range of industries. On November 19, the company announced the release of the AWS SDK for Go Version 1.0 to support the continued growth of the programming language.

The release leverages the community feedback and contributions made over the last 10 months of developer preview stages which saw the inclusion of a concurrent streaming upload/download manager for Amazon S3, resource waiter support, and built-in support for response pagination. New features include easy sharing of configuration and request handlers between clients, and JMESPath support for querying and reshaping complex API responses with simple expressions.

The implementation of Semantic Versioning will add extra support for Go developers as any SDK upgrades within the major 1.x version will continue to support existing code. This consistency is thanks to a considered approach to version numbers and the way they change between versions to reduce dependency issues and improve developer experience.

This project began in response to the growing number of customer requests for an official AWS SDK for Go. Amazon later took over development of Stripe’s unofficial aws-go SDK, which was principally authored by Coda Hale. The official release adds to Amazon’s growing library of devkits, which already supports Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and Objective C.

Amazon supplies supporting documentation and a detailed Developer Guide, and the SDK is available on GitHub in the AWS SDK for Go repository.

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