Amazon Says One Notification API for All Devices

Amazon is a leader in infrastructure services and this year has seen the Web Services Infrastructure giant announce various new offerings and enhancements in the IaaS space. Amazon has gone after the mobile frontier too with hardware devices (Kindle, Kindle Fire), an Android Marketplace and a mobile Ads API. Amazon Web Services has now announced support for Mobile Push Notifications, a key feature for the connected world of devices, users and applications.

The Amazon Simple Notification Service with Mobile Push, now provides a single unified API to allow developers to send Push Notifications to devices running on Apple iOS, Google Android and Kindle Fire Devices. This Platform is likely to reduce the pain that developers currently have in working with different providers to relay their messages across to various platforms.

By integrating this seamlessly into the SNS Service, Amazon has played a master stroke in making the Push Notifications available to both, existing and new AWS Customers. The service is free for sending 1 million notifications per month and thereafter you pay $.50 per million notifications.

Early partners that are employing SNS Mobile Push include Crittercism, Urban Airship and WeatherBug. The key benefits mentioned include offloading the entire workload of pushing messages on AWS, gret pricing and notifying millions of users within seconds via the AWS Infrastructure.

A report on GigaOM predicts that Amazon is likely to introduce more such services that fall in the Mobile Backend As A Service (mBaaS) realm. Push Notifications is one of them and it should be interesting to see how current mBaaS companies tackle the threat from Amazon.

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