Amazon Trots Out Kinesis Firehose, AWS Inspector, ElasticSearch APIs

Amazon clearly wants developers doing more with AWS and the Internet of Things. The online shopping and managed web services company has released a slew of new APIs for its online products, including Kinesis Firehose, AWS Inspector, and ElasticSearch Service. Here's what developers can do with these new-and-improved tools.

Amazon Kinesis Streams are about two years old now. The basic principle behind the product is to allow developers to build apps that collect, process, and analyze streaming data with high throughput, such as that generated by Amazon S3Track this API or Amazon RedshiftTrack this API. According to Amazon, the original product required developers to write custom code to load the data. The Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a new API that makes handling this data a fully managed service.

The API lets developers capture data streams into S3 or Redshift automatically. This enables companies to generate real-time analytics and insights, and Kinesis Firehose can scale to handle streaming data with no oversight needed. Amazon says Firehose can also batch, compress, and encrypt data before loading it to minimize storage requirements and increase security.

Developers only pay for the amount of data transmitted through the service, and there are no minimum or startup costs. Right now, Amazon Kinesis Firehose is limited to Amazon's Norther Virginia, Oregon, and Ireland facilities. You can get the full skinny, including Documentation, here.

Amazon Inspector is a tool meant to manage the security and compliance of apps deployed via AWS. It assess apps for vulnerabilities or deviations from best practices automatically and can generate reports with suggested fixes. The Amazon Inspector API lets developers embed security testing directly into their development and design process.

The Amazon Inspector API includes a knowledge base with hundreds of rules already mapped to common compliance standards, such as checking for remote root login or known vulnerabilities within app versions. The rules are constantly updated by Amazon's security researchers to streamline the tool for developers. Read more here.

Last in this round-up of Amazon API goodness is the Elasticsearch Service. Elasticsearch is Amazon's open-source search and analytics engine often used for real-time app monitoring. This new managed service eases the pain of deploying and operating Elasticsearch at scale in the AWS Cloud.

Amazon says developers can set up Amazon Elasticsearch domains in mere minutes from the main console. Elasticsearch Service provides developers with direct access to the Elasticsearch open-source API, which works seamlessly with existing code and applications within the Elasticsearch environment. It also includes built-in support for Kibana for easy visualization of data sets.

According to Amazon Elasticsearch Service is integrated with CloudWatch for domain monitoring and AWS CloudTrail for auditing. Scaling clusters can be managed via a single API call. More details are available here.

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