Amazon Turk-like Translation API Offers Bountiful Contest

MyGengo, a Language Translation service provider, has introduced a unique developer contest. The bounty system invites developers to build plugins for its translation services in a variety of products, thus enabling it to get a foot into various products and allowing the developers to earn some cool cash.

We previously covered the MyGengo service, separating it from automated language translation services. MyGengo is powered by a physical workforce that will accept your translation request and return back the translated document to you within a few hours. The service is comprehensive given the fact that you can submit jobs for translation, review your translation before approval, reject the translation and ask them to retry and also provide feedback/comments while the job is still not finished. Pricing is in three tiers with the most basic plan starts at $0.05 cents per word translated.

Now the company is looking for integrations with content management systems and other services. For this, they have thrown open the MyGengo API lab to developers and a have a bounty-based contest with a total prize money of $45,000.

Developers are asked to create MyGengo plugins for several platforms in a number of categories. The contest rules are simple: select a particular category and product within the category and integrate the MyGengo API into it. Each product is categorized into A or B type and the maximum that you could gain for submitting a winning plugin is from $900 to $1400. The only caveat is that you must be the first to show a working sample to win the prize for a particular category.  If there has already been a winner, they will mention it in that category, in which case, you can still try the other categories.

A complete list of rules is present at their API contest site. To try out the API, you will need to sign up and get an API Key (private and public key). They also provide a sandbox environment, complete with money credit to try out the API. The API is REST based and returns back data in JSON or XML format. You can manage the complete workflow for the Language Translation service via the API. Client libraries are available in a variety of languages to help integrate with the API Service instead of dealing with the HTTP calls directly.

MyGengo looks a lot like Amazon Mechanical Turk service, but it is focused on translation. If you are specifically looking for quality translation it might be a good solution. The bounty system helps MyGengo to increase its reach. There's also an option to allow developers to charge extra on top of the current cost of using MyGengo services. In the meantime, you can be among the first to submit working plugins and win yourself some good cash prizes. So get started and let us know what you build.

Romin Irani Romin loves learning about new technologies and teaching it to others. His passion is to help developers succeed.

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