Amazon Updates its Video Skill API to Ease Use

Amazon has added new functionality to its Video Skill API, which allows the company's voice-driven virtual assistant, Alexa, to interface with video content and services.

The new functionality consists of:

  • A recording feature that allows users to configure and manage DVR recordings.
  • A launcher capability that gives users the ability to launch apps and access common menu and navigation items.
  • State reporting functionality that allows developers to provide users with state information, such as playback status. It also allows users to control state.

These updates to the Video Skill API are designed to eliminate the need for users to know the specific skills associated with the video services they use. For example, users will be able to state, "Alexa, record the Manchester United game", and the recording skill associated with their video sevice will be invoked.

Amazon says that these new Video Skill API capabilities will soon be supported by a number of video service providers, including DISH, Verizon, TiVo, and DIRECTV.

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