Amazon Web Services Gets New Site

Amazon Web Services has launched an updated version of the AWS web site that features ease-of-use improvements and new content for AWS developers:

The new site offers better navigation and easier access to the content related to each service... It is now much easier to find AWS news, events, and media coverage... There's information about user groups ... and an ever-growing set of case studies.

The site is indeed much easier to navigate, clearer, and has a rich set of content.

In addition, Amazon is also providing a set of one-page reference cards for each of its web services. The reference cards are available as PDFs and are suitable for printing. Cards are now available for AAWS, DevPay, EC2, FWS, Mechanical Turk, and SQS. Here's the card for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) API:

It's quite convenient to have this kind of one-page quick look-up reference available as you program. This is a real time saver compared with having to thumb through a book or search a large reference document when you know what you need, but you're not quite sure about the exact syntax or input parameter order.

Take a look our Amazon API Summary for an index of the APIs available from Amazon Web Services. Reference cards for most of these APIs will be available soon.


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