Amazon WorkSpaces API Offers Access to Cloud-Based Desktops

Amazon has released the Amazon WorkSpaces API for programmatic access to Amazon WorkSpaces. Amazon WorkSpaces is a cloud-based desktop through which users can provision and access desktops with their devices of choice. While WorkSpaces gives users and administrators great flexibility to operate across devices, prior to the API launch, any WorkSpaces action required the use of the AWS Management Console. The AWS Management Console offered simple point-and-click, visual functionality; however, the required step limited the ability to integrate WorkSpaces with existing business processes and workflows.

With the release of the API, administrators can directly integrate Amazon WorkSpaces with existing applications in a third-party environment. Whether the administrator wishes to describe available directories and bundles, create a new WorkSpace, perform maintenance or do other administrative options, the API eliminates the need to log in to the AWS Management Console.

The API is live for use and available in every geographic area where WorkSpaces is functional. Methods available include CreateWorkspaces, DescribeWorkspaceBundles, DescribeWorkspaceDirectories, DescribeWorkspaces, RebootWorkspaces, RebuildWorkspaces and TerminateWorkspaces. For more details, visit the API docs.

Amazon entered the virtual desktop space with the launch of Amazon WorkSpaces. WorkSpaces allows users to manage a single, consistent work ecosystem that users can access regardless of device or location. API access to WorkSpaces brings Amazon's expansion of WorkSpaces to new users (e.g., enterprises, mature IT environments). While companies with existing infrastructure in place can be reluctant to invest in an entirely new work stream, tools that directly integrate with a current set of infrastructure are often encouraged and can improve productivity while lowering costs.

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