Amazon's New Baby Activity Skill API Lets Parents Track Infant Data Hands-Free

Amazon has announced the release of the new Baby Activity Skill API, allowing users to enhance their baby care applications with hands-free tracking. This new functionality aims to increase user engagement by removing the need to open applications to directly input activity.

Many parents of young children see value in tracking things like feeding schedules, when diapers were changed, and when naps were taken. However, when tracking these inputs, consistency is key and that can be tough when you are tired and have your hands full. That’s where the Baby Activity Skill API comes in. Amazon provided some example user requests:

User: Alexa, track a dirty diaper change for Jane
User: Alexa, log a 3-ounce bottle for Jane
User: Alexa, start nursing from the left
User: Alexa, when was Jane’s last diaper change?

The new API includes several pre-built interfaces for tracking specific data points, including Weight, Sleep, DiaperChange, and InfantFeeding. Amazon plans to continue adding to these interfaces in hopes of streamlining Integration. Developers interested in getting started with this API can check out the documentation provided by Amazon.