Ambrosus Launches Developer Portal and Gateway API

Ambrosus, a community-driven ecosystem to assure the quality, safety, and origins of products, has launched a Developer Portal and Gateway API, both of which are public Alpha releases. The developer portal will provide the building blocks for developers who would like to build solutions on top of the Ambrosus Network (AMB-NET). The primary functions of AMB-NET are designating asset identity and tracking assets across the supply-chain lifecycle. AMB-NET tracks various conditions of assets such as transportation, delivery, storage, and temperature.

Ambrosus is a Switzerland-based startup that provides a blockchain technology-based solution to communicate with sensors in order to digitize, measure, and record information generated from supply chains. The company aims to build a community-driven ecosystem that ensures the origin, quality, and safety of products worldwide. The company is initially focusing on food and pharmaceutical products.

Among the tools that will be available at the Ambrosus Developer Portal are the Ambrosus Gateway API and SDKs (coming soon) for JavaScript, iOS, and Android. The Ambrosus Gateway API allows devices and applications to interact with the Ambrosus Network. Initially, the API will allow users to set up accounts that can generate Assets and Events on AMB-NET. At this time, the API is in public Alpha and still in the experimental stage, so the company is warning developers to use the API at their own risk.

Regarding food and pharmaceutical verticals, the press release states that the company aims to optimize these ecosystems first, and that “these markets are ripe for disruption” as 600 million people globally fall ill every year due to food contamination, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, INTERPOL estimates that in the developed world up to 1% of available medicines are counterfeit, and globally this figure increases to 10%.

"One of our key objectives is to create a vibrant community of developers for our ecosystem. This is why our Developer Portal and APIs create so much value for our community," said Ambrosus Chief Executive Officer Angel Versetti, in a prepared statement. "Later this Spring, we will release a JavaScript Library and SDKs for Android and iOS, which will promote the global adoption of Ambrosus and usher in a new era of Decentralised Autonomous Supply Chains."

For more information about Ambrosus and the Ambrosus Developer Portal, visit

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