AMG Employee Management To Launch Universal API

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AMG Employee Management has announced the release of its universal API this month. This interface coincides with AMG’s pursuit to provide quality software complete with options strategically designed to meet the specific requirements of companies worldwide. Existing programs, as well as those to be released, can be fully integrated with other software applications through universal API - a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications that are designed for secure and easy Integration.

AMG Employee Management’s API will aid in future internal expansion within companies, as it simplifies integration amongst other systems and allows for continual growth opportunities with the release of new software systems and updates. Rather than programming new components for application sharing, universal API reduces the costly IT time necessary for re-compiling each Platform by allowing a secure alternative to open source.

Today, most companies require several software systems – accounting, CRM, payroll, HR, production control, POS systems and more. Supplying those systems with the power of integration is becoming increasingly important on both efficiency and financial fronts. AMG is dedicated to expanding the market of time and attendance software, consistently boosting clients’ options within their respective industries. The universal API feature will be among dozens of options available to AMG customers.

“By releasing an open API, we are allowing for seamless integration with AMG time attendance software. Our API is not limited to any specific integration - it’s open to all. We’re also not afraid to do extra work to provide custom integration if needed.” stated Tony Galstyan, CEO of AMG Employee Management.

This universal API’s availability from AMG will ring in the New Year, for customers using AMG Client-Server Software (PC based) or the AMG Web Subscription. Cost effective packages will be supplied to companies looking for secure, quality integration with their time attendance software programs. AMG’s universal API will be the premier integration tool for 2015.

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