Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport Publishes Flight API

The Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has published a Flight API through which developers can integrate airport data with third party apps. While the API certainly makes useful data available regarding the 90+ airlines operating at the airport and individual flight details, the API does not provide access to personal or critical information such as passenger data, security data, pricing data, etc. Regardless, publishing the API should get developers' creative juices flowing when it comes to building new, imaginative passenger experiences.

"We want to support the traveler as well as possible with personal and relevant information about the airport," Albert van Even, the airport's Chief Digital Officer, recently commented. "Our API Platform and data sharing with APIs is a key element in our best airport digital strategy."

The API conforms to the Airport Council International's ACRIS data exchange standards (a set of standards that organizations like IATA participate in). ACI has been hard at work with industry players across the board to standardize data exchange for a more seamless sharing of data between airports, airlines and other industry partners. The Flight API is a single example of such standards' potential as the airport has already partnered with airlines, travel agents, GPS solution providers, and public transport systems on new services.

The Flight API is RESTful and includes a wealth of airport related information: destinations, airlines that operate the flights to and from Schiphol, aircraft types, data elements of flights, and flight statuses. In the next release, V4, the Airport the gate field will become an object and hold both the previous and current gate information. Those interested in learning more about creating apps surrounding Schilphol airport services should visit the Developer Portal. There, you can agree to the required terms and conditions, view the API docs, and keep informed of more APIs and developer tools on the horizon.

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