Android 11 Adds App Compatibility Testing Features

It is expected that with Android 11, Google will add new App Compatibility features within developer options that will simplify the application testing process. The new features will operate on a per-app basis and display behavior changes based on API level.

XDA Developers is reporting the new feature and notes that developers will “no longer need to run ADB commands for each and every new Platform behavior change.” The coverage continued by stating that:

“With Android 11, Android will have a new submenu within Developer Options to quickly toggle new platform behavior changes on a per-app basis, without needing to send any ADB shell commands. There will be different sections for each target API level — for example, API level > 29 will have its own set of behavior changes that can be toggled, while API level > 30 will have its own set of changes.”

Android 11 is expected to be released in beta in March of this year, moving into full production in August. 

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