Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV Focuses on Privacy, Performance

Google has released an Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV. The company says features focus on privacy, performance, accessibility, and connectivity. The idea is to help developers improve the experience for consumers seeking to get the most from their smart TVs and streaming devices.

Google warns that the Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV is strictly for developers and not meant for consumer use. The available system image is for ADT-3 developer devices only and must be installed manually via download and Flash. Further, Google notes that all user data on the ADT-3 will be wiped when the Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV is flashed. Last, developers will not be able to go back to previous Builds of Android TV. 

The installation steps include downloading the system image, unzipping the file, plugging in the ADT-3 developer kit, and enabling developer options. Developers will then need to run in the unzipped folder to perform the manual system, image installation to the ADT-3. Google notes that fastboot and adb tools are needed to upgrade the system, and the latest version of fastboot is recommended. 

The ADT-3 is available directly from Askey for $80. It's an Android TV streaming media player made specifically for software developers. The device ships with a stable build of Android 10 onboard and is certified to pass CTS, GTS, and VTS. It's not a hardware reference design, but serves as a stand-in for a consumer-grade Android TV box. 

Google hopes developers put the new Android 11 Developer Preview for TV to use in fine-tuning their Android TV apps. 

As always, Google wants your feedback. Feel free to offer suggestions here.

The TV preview is part of the larger Android 11 push from Google. The company released the first public beta of Android 11 just a couple of weeks ago and has committed to "11 weeks of Android 11" with regular system updates. Google expects the final version of Android 11 for mobile devices will be ready by the end of the summer. It hasn't said if the timeline for Android TV is the same.

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