Android Dev Summit Brings In-App Updates, Android Studio 3.3 Beta

Today in Mountain View, Google is hosting the annual Android Dev Summit and has announced a set of new features and upgrades aimed at increasing developer productivity and user engagement. The updates include a new In-App Updates API that allows applications to update in the background while being used. 

Android Studio 3.3 Beta 3

Google today released Android Studio 3.3 beta 3, featuring updates aimed at reducing the number of crashes and hangs, optimizing memory usage, and fixing user-impacting bugs. Additionally, the company promised improvements designed to accelerating build speed, including profiling and analysis tools that should help developers understand what is slowing down their build. 

Android App Bundles

Android App Bundle is a new publishing format that reduces app sizes by up to 35% when compared to a universay APK. This is possible because the new format only serves the code and resources a user needs to run your app on their specific device. The app bundle also supports uncompressed native libraries, which further improves application sizes. 

In-App Updates API

The new In-App Updates API provides two different options for updating applications depending on the nature of the update. For critical updates that developers would expect users to wait to be installed immediately, there is a full screen experience available. The second option will allow users to continue using the app while the updates install in the background.  

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