Android Game SDK for Unity in the Works

Recent reports indicate that Google is working on an Android Game SDK for Unity. Google has made no official announcements regarding the project, but the SDK first showed up in the Android open source docs last September.

"With more and more manufacturers creating 'gaming' phones and heavy hitters like Fornite arriving on Android, it makes sense that Google would want to support developers any way they can," 9TO5 Google's Kyle Bradshaw, commented. "This wouldn't be the first time Google and Unity have worked together on a project."

The SDK currently includes one Library: Swappy. The library is built on the Vulkan graphics API. The API gives game developers fine-grained control over features specifically important in game development. The docs in progress indicate that the SDK is particularly focused on the performance of the Unity 3D engine on Android.

As mentioned, Google nor Unity have made public announcements regarding the SDK. Development is clearly in the works; but, viability is not yet known. Stay tuned to both Google and Unity for further announcements.

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