Android Jelly Bean Deprecations Looms for Google Play Services Support

Google has announced a final deprecation timeline for Android Jelly Bean support on the Play Store. This version of the OS spanned Android V4.1 - V4.3 and API levels 16-18. Developers will continue to receive support until the release of version 21.30.99 which is due at the end of August 2021.

The deprecation should come as a surprise to anyone, nor should it impact many developers, with Google noting that the iteration is active on less than 1% of devices. Once version support ends, Google will no longer update the Play Services APK. Jelly Bean was released over 9 years ago, and the company noted that:

“Since then Android has released a lot of improvements and features which are not all backported to Jelly Bean. This results in increased developer and QA time spent on new features that require special handling.”

Developers that need further details on actions that may be required of them in updating applications, should make sure to check out the full blog post

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