Android Studio 2.0 Packs Refreshed Developer Tools

Google today announced the immediate availability of Android Studio 2.0. The revised developer toolset will help app writers prepare applications using the latest set of APIs. Google recommends all Android developers snag the new, stable build as soon as possible.  

"Android Studio includes everything you need to build an app, including a code editor, code analysis tools, emulators, and more," said Google in a blog post. Here's a rundown of all the updated tools. 

Instant Run is meant to help improve productivity by accelerating edit, build, and run cycles. It automatically analyzes any changes made by the developer and then determines the fastest way to deploy the code within the app. "Whenever possible, it will inject your code changes into your running app process, avoiding re-deployment, and re-installation your APK," says Google. Google has been working on this feature since last year and believes it is ready for prime time. Google has plenty of documentation to guide developers through the process. 

Google updated the Android Emulator and claims it is now three times faster in the CPU and RAM than the previous emulator. Moreover, the enhanced ADB allows developers to push apps through ten times faster. Google says using the emulator should be faster than using an actual device. It now supports drag-and-drop APKs as well as multi-touch gestures for easy implementations. It can even help manage call, battery, and network performance.

The Cloud Test Lab Integration is a brand new feature. The idea is to let developers test a wide range of devices simultaneously through the cloud. In other words, see how well your app runs on the newest phones, as well as some of the older ones still in the market. The devices are hosted in Google's data centers. Google sees it serving as an extension of developers' existing testing practices. 

Android Studio 2.0 includes a preview of the GPU Debugger. This tool is meant for developers working on OpenGL ES-based games or apps. It lets developers peek at each frame and the GL state as they go. The Debugger can root out rendering issues and offer diagnosis on the spot. Google stresses that this feature is in a preview state and still being tested. 

The last new tool within Android Studio 2.0 is App Indexing Code Generation and Testing. Google hopes developers will put this tool to user in order to promote the visibility of their apps. It can automatically generate indexable URL links for indexing purposes.

Google says developers can download the new studio via the update tool on their computer. A full download is also available separately. Once the new studio is setup and running, Google suggests developers update their projects so they can use the Instant Run tool. 

More documentation is available here

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