Anedot API Allows Donations Anytime, Anywhere

"Anedot makes fundraising easier for causes and donating simple for donors." Integration with the Anedot API allows non-profits, political campaigns, churches, and other causes to accept donations through a website, Facebook, or a mobile device. After many years of frustrating fundraising experiences in the political campaign world, Paul Dietzel founded Anedot so donors would never miss a chance to donate because of cumbersome processes.

Although Anedot launched in 2011, the platform has gained some significant attention. Notably, Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber's mother) launched a campaign to save a teen pregnancy center and accepted donations via Anedot's platform. Additionally, Anedot is being used by multiple 2012 political campaigns at the state and federal levels; including an upcoming international campaign that will cross 60 countries in 6 different languages.

The Anedot API uses a REST API and allows queries about accounts, campaigns, donations, and donors. The API allows tracking of donations over time and enables ongoing communications with donors. The API interacts with most HTTP clients in any programming language.

By 2015, 80% of donations are expected to be made electronically. Accordingly, a donor-friendly platform to donate is necessary to ensure a donor can donate when and where he or she desires. According to Dietzel, "[Anedot] want[s] to become synonymous with the word 'donation'. If someone wants to make a donation, no matter where they are, they have a very simple and easy means to quickly donate to that cause or group.”

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