Anime News Network Encyclopedia API: Making Sense of its News

The API for this English-language news hub for Anime and Magna provides a direct news Feed for the site's encyclopedia data, that is stored in XML format. The Anime News Network Encylopedia API provides both top level reports on titles and then drills down to provide details on them, for up to 50 requests at a time.

Feature stories from the site include the latest releases, such as the lead for this story reviewing Angelic Layer and Blue Exorcist:

Set your clocks back, because classic titles like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Angelic Layer are two of this week's highlights! But can they stand up to new-school hits like Blue Exorcist and Heroman?

The Anime News Network (ANN) holds a database of over 14,000 titles, from over 10,000 companies. And that doesn't include data on names, conventions (275) and lexicon entries, all also available. Beyond that are extensive and obscure details, like how prolific the writers are and, get this, how prolific the cast members in movies are.  (The prize for this one goes to Takehito Koyasu in Japan.) Given the endless information, it's easy to see why an API is indispensable to creating meaning from the data.

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