Animetrics Launches Commercial Version of Facial Recognition API

ProgrammableWeb first covered Animetrics last year as its Facial Recognition API was picking up speed in the government and law enforcement space. Expanding on its initial success, Animetrics has now released a commercial version of the API: FaceR API.  This is Animetrics first taste of the commercial space.

Paul Schuepp, Animetrics President and CEO, commented:

“Our goal is to extend the reach of our facial recognition capability beyond our core markets, enabling partners to leverage our assets to build innovative products while at the same time making our core technology more pervasive in the marketplace....There is an unmet need in the marketplace for accurate, powerful face recognition APIs. We will give developers access to our facial biometric technology to drive development of creative applications worldwide."

The potential uses for the 3D facial recognition API in the commercial space is vast. One simple to understand example is superimposing eyeglasses onto a 3D face so shoppers can shop for frames without physically trying the glasses on. Animetrics will continue to utilize its patented 2D to 3D technology that operates in the Animetrics cloud.

The FaceR API uses HTTP and returns calls in a JSON data format. Of the many methods involved, FaceR can focus on single faces in a picture of many, pull faces from a single image, differentiate faces from other objects, add faces to gallery and much more. For more information, visit the FaceR API site.

From crime solving to shopping, Animetrics continues to expand its market with its groundbreaking technology. Tiered pricing plans are available, but the first 1,000 calls per month remain free. A once thought of SciFi technology has now made its way to the online shopping mall, and Animetrics delivers API access to developers across industries.

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