Answer the 3 Day Old Twitter Question: Am I Upgraded Yet?

Have you seen the new Twitter page? It's awesome. It's got all this stuff going on in the side bar, so you don't have to click links anymore. It's prettier, crashes less (allegedly), and looks great as a desktop app when running in Fluid or Prism. Trust me, you want the new Twitter. But you can't have it yet.

If you're like me, after seeing the new Twitter reveal video and hearing a bunch of friends talk about how awesome the new Twitter was, you closed your Twitter app and rushed over to to find... that you're still saddled with the old Twitter. But you don't want the old Twitter, you want the new Twitter. After frantically refreshing and checking every few hours, you're now asking yourself the same question that a large number of Twitter users are asking: "Am I upgraded yet?"

Well, feeling your pain, developer Ryan LeFevre has set up a simple, single-purpose web app that answers that very question.

Am I Upgraded Yet? is dirt-simple, as it should be. Just connect your account, walk away, and let your browser's refresh button rest a bit. The site frequently checks your Twitter account to see if your account has been upgraded yet (accessible through the Twitter API). Once it detects that you've been given the green light to the awesome new, you will receive a DM from yourself alerting you of the good news.

Only a small number of users have been upgraded. So, step hitting refresh. Head over to Am I Upgraded Yet? and connect your Twitter account and enjoy the waiting game.


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