Answer This: Streak's CRM in Your Inbox

The Streak API integrates its client relationship management (CRM) platform into other applications like MailChimps and Wufoo. The API's webpage reveals that it requires an API key and uses  HTTP Basic Auth. The request format supports Create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) with response in JSON. The purpose of the API is to manage CRM relationships through your application.

Streak allows you to manage CRM issues such as sales, bug tracking, hiring and  via your gmail inbox. The API can be used to set up automated reminders, get a newsfeed of changes to your data, and search through your Streak data.

The service is free and aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises. Premium services are under development.

According to Alex Williams at TechCrunch, Streak was co-founded by Aleem Mawaani and Omar Ismail. It raised $1.9 million this fall, and was

"...launched last March out of the winter Y Combinator class. Since then, Co-Founder Aleem Mawaani says the company has had 71% month-to-month growth. You need to take that kind of growth with a dose of reality, considering the company only launched seven months ago. But you can see its popularity in how it consolidates two different silos into one. You can manage one UI as opposed to for managing leads and email for doing deals. Mawani said a friend who works for Uber told him that half the company uses the Streak service to manage marketing projects and rollouts."

For a comprehensive review of the platform and its ground breaking features, be sure to check out Melissa Breau's column in She's Self-Employed.

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[...] The Streak API integrates client relationship platform (CRM) into other enterprise applications. Streak allows users to mange issues such as sales, bug tracking, and hiring via your Gmail account. Furthermore, automated reminders, newsfeed alerts about changes to data, and search capabilities are all parts of the API functionality. To learn more about the Streak API visit the Streak site as well as the Streak API blog post. [...]


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