AnyMeeting API Offers Proven and Scalable Videoconferencing Functionality

AnyMeeting, a WebRTC-enabled conferencing Platform, provides an API that allows developers to integrate its browser-based Web, video and phone conferencing functionality with their own applications.

The AnyMeeting platform offers both a free and low-cost service aimed at small businesses, providing full-featured webinars, screen sharing, six-way videoconferencing, small or large meeting capabilities, custom meeting branding, recording functionality, phone- and VoIP-based audio conferencing, PowerPoint slides, Twitter and Facebook Integration, and more. The platform takes advantage of the latest technology, focusing on providing excellent audio performance with echo cancellation, low-latency response times and high-quality audio codecs.

AnyMeeting's API has already been successfully used with platforms such as Outlook, Zimbra and Google Apps, as well as in partnerships with large cable operators and telcos. The company encourages new partners to get in touch and leverage the API to build new and exciting solutions.

In a press release on the AnyMeeting blog, CEO and founder, Costin Tuculescu said:

WebRTC represents a disruptive technology that opens major new opportunities for service providers — enabling new features, service models and platform economics that will transform the industry. We’re excited to serve partners seeking to tap those opportunities today, leveraging our API and integration experience to build great WebRTC-enabled solutions together.

Those interested in partnering with AnyMeeting can contact the team directly via the website.

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