AnyPresence Updates its Mobile Application Development Platform

Mobile application development Platform and backend-as-a-service provider AnyPresence recently announced significant updates to its platform.

According to AnyPresence's CEO, Anirban Chakrabarti, "The foundational capability for Digital Transformation is the ability to create APIs and microservices that expose access to an organization’s digital assets and services."

APIs are at the center of the AnyPresence platform. "If there is a foundation for digital transformation, it is undoubtedly the critical application programming interfaces (or APIs) that provide access to an organization’s digital assets and services," the company says.

With this in mind, AnyPresence has updated its JustAPIs component, which allows developers to more easily build APIs that run across platforms and devices using JavaScript and a web-based interface. 

AnyPresence bills JustAPIs as "the fastest way" to build a great API, and new JustAPIs features include database connectivity and a testing console. Because of its utility and the growing importance of APIs, AnyPresence has also decided to make JustAPIs available as a standalone service.

To support enterprises, AnyPresence unveiled Integration Kits that allow "citizen developers" across an organization to tap into reusable components that enable functionality related to Authentication, approval and ERP workflows. As Chakrabarti explained, "Customers can use integration kits as either a starting point to build an app, distribute as best practices via an app template, or as a working example of how to meet specific enterprise requirements. Integration kits provide a unique new way to accelerate IT-governed enterprise mobility initiatives."

Finally, in an effort to help companies drive adoption of their APIs once built, AnyPresence announced the availability of Smart SDKs, which provide connectivity to both mobile backend-as-a-service providers as well as direct connectivity to API gateways. With Smart SDKs, AnyPresence is aiming to make it easier for developers to build their apps by abstracting away connectivity to data sources.

Platforms Get Broader, Go Deeper

AnyPresence has dubbed its offering the AnyPresence Enterprise Platform and says that its latest updates reflect a considerable expansion of the company's vision and ambitions. Chakrabarti says AnyPresence's new capabilities "go far beyond what a typical MBaaS or MADP supports," highlighting the fact that providers in the space are increasingly looking to build more robust tools as companies seek to find solutions tailored to the unique needs of API-centric development.

This is largely a positive, as competition is leading to the creation of increasingly powerful offerings like the AnyPresence Enterprise Platform and Appcelerator Arrow. But sophisticated, all-encompassing platforms also create new challenges for developers, who may be asked to trade flexibility and freedom for ease of development. 

The good news for developers is that providers are clearly aware of this problem and most are trying to offer a balance. For AnyPresence, the solution is to ensure that all of the functionality its platform offers is also available in loosely coupled components that developers can access independent of each other if they wish.

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