Anytime Mailbox Launches API for Mail Center Operators

Anytime Mailbox, a service that provides physical mail handling with options for digital processing, has announced a new API that will enable mail center operators to integrate Anytime Mailbox’s service into their existing systems.

The company intends the API to assist developers in creating branded solutions for mail center operating partners that handle the physical portion of the business. The announcement of the API discussed some technical aspects of the API, including security standards:

“Digital security is a critical component of the API, which is built around REST. This offers predictable, Resource-oriented URLs and the ability to accept form-encoded request bodies, return industry-standard JSON formatted responses, and use standard HTTPS response codes and Authentication. API keys are used to authenticate all requests, which are made over HTTPS.”

The API is available now, but further information is only available to partners. Interested entities can check out the company's partners page

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