AOL Integrates With Facebook, While Facebook Comes Up Short With Their Move to XMPP

As anyone with multiple social networking accounts can attest to, keeping track of them all can be time consuming. AIM Lifestream is a service from AOL that aggregates a number of social networking sites, including Facebook via their API, and now Lifestream has been integrated into AOL Instant Messenger:

Aol had last year launched Lifestream, a social aggregator that displays in one place all social networking updates. Lifestream supports updates from MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and Delicious. The new AIM acquired a Lifestream plugin that lets it connect with these networks. The chat is via the Facebook Chat Application Programming Interface ( API) that Facebook made public some time ago.

The AIM 7.2 beta includes this new functionality, and it can downloaded here.


This news comes as Facebook is making moves of its own by supporting the open instant messaging XMPP protocol with Facebook Chat. This means that popular IM clients like iChat, Pidgin, Adium, Miranda and more are can now be used with the Facebook network. The news is not all good though, as ReadWriteWeb reported Facebook Chat by XMPP does not federate with other XMPP servers:

Standards are great like this for making development simpler but the other promise of technical standards so far remains unrealized. Interoperability is the big promise of open standards in general and XMPP chat specifically, but at launch Facebook Chat by XMPP does not federate with other XMPP servers. So this isn't about interoperability, it's about further extending Facebook around the web.

Facebook is looking to deal with these limitations though.  Facebook's Malorie Lucich told ReadWriteWeb that interoperability "isn't something we're announcing today, but we are looking into it."

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