AP ENPS Open API Extends News Content Beyond Newsroom

The Associated Press has launched an open API for its popular AP ENPS service. More than 64,000 reporters and 900 newsrooms rely on AP ENPS for daily news generation, the company says. Prior to the open API release, integration with ENPS required MOS-based communication. MOS was developed as a newsroom-specific protocol by which newsroom computer systems communicate with video servers, audio servers, still stores and character generators for broadcast production.

The release of an open API for AP ENPS expands the potential reach of AP ENPS. As AP stated in its API announcement, "Applications of the Open API are only limited by your imagination." MOS-based integration was typically limited to the newsroom. However, API access to AP ENPS allows any application to leverage AP ENPS content. Examples of use cases include content management systems, traffic systems and external databases.

The open API uses the REST protocol and returns data in a JSON data format. The API allows both read and write access to ENPS content. Both request(pull)-based and subscription(push)-based mechanisms allow for retrieving and updating data from ENPS. For more information, request access to the API or schedule a live demonstration. Customers who sign up for API access also receive an invitation to participate in an online support forum.

AP ENPS was once revolutionary to the media industry; however, it has transformed into an assumed and necessary part of the newsroom. News outlets around the world have come to rely on AP ENPS for ongoing delivery of content. Open API access to ENPS will expand AP ENPS's reach well beyond the newsroom. Consider where AP ENPS fits into your app environment and reach out to the team to discuss integration potential.

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If it were a truly "open API," then the Associated Press would post documentation on their website.