Apache Software Foundation Introduces V1 of Apache Brooklyn

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the release of V1 of Apache Brooklyn, an open-source Framework for modeling, monitoring, and managing applications. The foundation notes that the release of V1 is indicative of Brooklyn having achieved sufficient maturity and stability.

V1 of Apache’s open-source framework includes an API and GUI that handle the provisioning and deployment of applications. Additionally, the tool helps by monitoring and promoting application health automatically. Brooklyn is capable of taking various actions, such as replacing nodes or growing a cluster, in order to improve application performance. Geoff Macartney, Vice President of Apache Brooklyn had this to say about the announcement:

"This latest release is a great opportunity for a wider audience to try Brooklyn for themselves and find out how it can help them create and manage their applications, be it in the Cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment.

The blog post announcing V1 highlighted various other benefits of the framework:

  • Support for public and private clouds, available out-of-the-box thanks to integrated Apache jclouds, as well as private infrastructure
  • A modern, user-friendly, web-based UI including the drag-and-drop Blueprint Composer
  • REST API and CLI tools, suitable for power users, automation and scripting
  • A stable blueprint language and API
  • “Batteries included” entities and policies covering clusters, auto- Scaling, replacing unhealthy components, and more...

Developers interested in working with the framework should check out the documentation and get started guide

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