Aphelion to Release API Docs, Matching Engine and Cross Chain Integration

Aphelion, a NEO Blockchain-based P2P trading Platform, recently released version 3.3.7 alongside some longer term announcements that indicate where the company is headed. All of the announcements are focused on the company reaching its single goal of "being the fastest and least expensive trading option available anywhere." To achieve its goal, Aphelion is currently working on releasing API Documentation, an instant matching engine, and cross chain Integration capability.

The Aphelion API is already available. Through the API, integrations with companies like CoinGecko, Blockfolio and Delta App were made possible. But, those integrations occurred as Aphelion continued to tweak the API. The company is close to releasing the API for public use, and hopes to have documentation ready by the end of January.

The Aphelion Instant Matching engine will be the next big step in Aphelion's journey. The engine will enable instant on-chain matching within the same block. To get there, Aphelion will need to release another smart contract. Aphelion hopes to have the Matching Engine ready for use in Q1 2019.

Aphelion's primary product focus is developing its first cross chain integration. The company understands that with cross chain integration, it will vault into the mainstream trading community (i.e. outside of NEO). Because of the focus, don't expect many changes to the current DEX or UI. Stay tuned to the Aphelion blog for more announcements.

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