API and Developer News from Firebase Summit 2018

This week at the annual Firebase Summit, Google made a number of API and developer-focused announcements around its Firebase developer service. First, Google is expanding the ML Kit's Face Detection API. Second, Google has now released its Firebase Management API. Finally, Google will include enterprise level support for Firebase and the Firebase Test Lab for iOS and Firebase Predictions are now generally available.

Google's ML Kit is an SDK, made up of five APIs, that allow developers to add Machine Learning to apps with Firebase. The Face Detection API originally allowed developers to determine basic elements in an image of a face (e.g. a smile). Now, the Face Detection API includes a beta version of face contours which allows developers to detect more than 100 nuances of a face image (e.g. nose, mouth, eye, etc.). This level of detail will allow app developers to accomplish more with detected facial features.

The Firebase Management API allows developers to create and manage Firebase projects within third party workflows and applications. Further, developers can build on top of a Firebase environment through the API. For example, if a developer wants to deploy a new Firebase environment from a third party application, the application can determine when the Firebase app is created and show a "Deploy to Firebase" option.

Firebase support will continue to have a free support option; however, for enterprise use cases, Firebase is now supported as part of the Google Cloud Platform support packages. Firebase Test Lab for iOS was originally launched in beta earlier this year. Now, the app testing infrastructure is generally available. Firebase Predictions, a machine learning predictive analytics service, is also now generally available. Stay tuned to the Firebase Summit site for all announcements from the conference.

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