API Billionaire Adds Author Extraction Service

Text extractor Alchemy has added a new, useful feature to its arsenal of text mining services available via its Alchemy API. Author Extraction allows developers programmatic access to the author information on any news or blog site, regardless of whether it's available in a structured way.

Public relations seems to be the main use case touted by the company. "Author extraction makes it possible to automatically drill down to the individual journalist, so that social media engagement companies can identify influential writers who are more likely to write about their clients' brand," Alchemy's Elliot Turner said. Australian company MediaConnect is already using author extraction in its Influencing Platform for media engagement.

Author extraction is the newest of many structured data features in the Alchemy API. It also offers sentiment analysis, keyword extraction and content scraping, among many other semantic options. It's a popular platform seeing billions of API calls each month, with most of those from paying customers.

Alchemy offers a free tier of at least 1,000 API calls per day, which is enough to get started. Getting structured data from the unstructured web is a powerful tool for developers. The new author extraction service adds to Alchemy's position as one of the premier semantic solutions.

Alchemy is one of 92 semantic APIs and one of at least 12 text extraction APIs.

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