An API That Can Help You Move

It can certainly be stressful to move into a new home and even more stressful if you don't know the city well that you are moving to. Trying to find a location within a city that has good schools, low crime, and inhabitants that share your lifestyle is usually a priority. Thankfully, PicketReport aggregates all of this information into an easy to use website that makes evaluating locations a lot easier. There's also a PicketReport Lifestyle API to make the information programmatic.

Users can search by zip code and the company’s visual interface displays a map with a break down of different demographics within that zip code. The API lets developers can pull information from PicketReport’s database for use within their own projects.

Some of the information that PicketReport provides:

  • Median income
  • School address/phone number
  • School test scores
  • Local establishments (e.g. coffee shops, parks, and grocery stores)
  • Crime data

The PicketReport Lifestyle API is a great Resource for developers that are looking to add in depth detail to community profiles. Documentation for the Lifestyle API is not publicly available at the moment. If you are interested in receiving access to the API you can contact PicketReport here.

The PicketReport Lifestyle API is one of 20 demographics APIs in our directory.

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