API Craft Conference Starts July 27 in Detroit

After a sellout event last year, there is still room for API developers with a commitment to best practice design to attend the API Craft unconference July 27-29 in Detroit.

To commence proceedings, a preconference meetup will be led by Lorinda Brandon, focusing on Swagger.

“The preconference meetup is going to have awesome content at an awesome venue,” says API Craft organizer Brian Mulloy. He continued:

Ron Ratovsky, the voice of Swagger, will be flying in from Israel to lead the discussion and share wisdom on the spec, tooling, real-world usage and more. The meetup will be at Ford Field arena, where the Detroit Lions play American football. Lorinda Brandon, the meetup organizer, has hosted Swagger API meetups all over the world. She’s been a big supporter of the API Craft Conference since our first year in 2013. I think she also fell in love with Detroit. For people with a support-the-underdog personality, Detroit is an easy place to love. We’re delighted that she’s bringing the Swagger meetup to the Motor City to kick off the API Craft Conference.

The global startup accelerator Techstars is hosting the meetup. Techstars set up shop in Detroit this year with a focus on mobility startups. Many of those startups are looking at how APIs can impact the world of transportation and logistics. So the Swagger meetup will be a great opportunity for those companies to see API experts and API culture in action.

API Craft follows an "unconference" format in which the topics to be discussed across the two days will be decided by conference participants. This creates a focus on best practices and solving some of the complex challenges that developers have when designing and implementing high-quality APIs in their work today. Mulloy says that the previous two years allowed about a dozen conversations across the two-day schedule, but this year, by going from five to seven sessions, organizers will be able to host 14 more topics during the conference. “The conference is still capped at 100 attendees, but this will allow more people to lead more discussions. It will also create smaller, more intimate gatherings for each topic,” explains Mulloy.


Throughout the year, API Craft is also maintained via a Google Group discussion that focuses on sharing insights and technical experiences among developers striving to build the best, most robust and easy-to-use APIs. Mulloy says that this culture of reaching for the best is what API Craft is all about:

The API Craft Google Group is focused on API design. Sometimes the conversations dip into implementation details. At other times, it goes up into discussion about markets and business models. The conference is just about the same way. Design is sort of where the worlds of business goals and technical implementations meet. So our community is filled with people who are very comfortable switching contexts from the technical world to the broader world of the API economy.

Developers can register to attend via the API Craft website.

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