API Developer Experience Featured At Apps World London

Apps World Europe will be held Nov. 12 and 13 in London. The developer-focused event includes an API-specific stream of panels and presentations running on Nov. 12.

Apps World Europe, in its fifth year, is held at the ExCeL, on London’s Victoria Dock. More than 350 exhibitors will showcase their products, while in excess of 12,000 attendees are expected to come through the doors. Workshop tracks include free and registered attendee streams. Free attendance lets developers attend introductory and overview sessions on cloud, mobile, connected car, gaming and enterprise development. Paid attendees get to participate in deeper dives into wearable tech, mobile payments, TV and multiscreen development, and API strategies.

The Apps World API Strategies stream — running from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 12 — includes sessions on API management, API design and development. Speakers include Renaud Visage (Eventbrite), Adrian Slatcher (Manchester City Council), Gareth Jones (OneNote), Anton Jefcoate (Just Eat) and Carlo Longino from the Wireless Industry Partnership.

Michel André, CTO of Saxo Bank, will talk about how the bank has secured APIs on its platform to secure allow trading at any time. André will also be part of a panel on developer experience, where he will focus on some of the techniques he has used at Saxo Bank to encourage developer adoption. He highlights dogfooding as having been a crucial advantage for the bank's API strategy. “API first is key to a complete API but leads to complexity and versioning issues, versus treating it as a separated distribution channel,” André says. He will share uses cases and some practical examples of using personas to drive the formation of the API, a technique he prefers over technical completeness to drive a business-focused API strategy.

Paul Hallett, developer evangelist at Twilio, will also be part of the Developer Experience panel. He will share proven examples of how Twilio has built loyal and large developer communities:

Our most important resources that successful Twilio developers use are the documentation and our technical blog posts. These resources are all educational and intended to teach the developer how to be a Twilio “Doer,” the word we use to describe developer who are builders.

Documentation at Twilio incorporates code snippets, how-to guides and getting started projects. We find that most successful developers have read at least one how-to guide in the past.

Our blog content is some of the most trafficked content on our website, especially blog posts that show you how to build new products and cool things with Twilio. We tend to find new developers to the Twilio platform arrive at our blog content first.

Jamie Parkins from JustGiving will join André and Hallett for the afternoon panel discussion. JustGiving’s metrics were recently singled out by ProgrammabelWeb founder John Musser (and discussed by Janet Wagner) in his analysis of API analytics strategies. Parkins is looking forward to talking about data-driven approaches to supporting developers:

  • Supporting your community through documentation, FAQs, Twitter, face to face, etc. The self-service versus account management dilemma (at JustGiving we cover both strands).

  • Making it easy to get developers started through good UX. We have learned a lot here of late as we have redesigned our developer portal after much user testing and research.

  • The need for case studies, diagrams and flows when your customer is not necessarily technically savvy enough to make the right judgment call (a common challenge for us in the charity sector).

Apps World gives attendees the chance to catch up with some of the latest API thinking from real-world experts who are building, implementing and maintaining APIs in their business every day. Participants can register now to attend just the API stream on Nov. 12 all the whole two-day event.

ProgrammableWeb will be live blogging from the event, and I will be moderating the API Stream on behalf of ProgrammableWeb (so if you attend, please come up and say hi!).

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