API Driven Mobile Components with Verious

Mobile app development is exploding, and the opportunity for mobile developers couldn't be better. Just like with social and cloud computing, APIs are at the heart of mobile growth, and opening up entirely new ways for developers to make money beyond just hourly project work.

This opportunity is demonstrated in a new platform out of Silicon Valley called, Verious Mobile App Services. The new marketplace combines mobile-ready software modules with top APIs, to deliver high-value data, content and services for mobile pplications.

“From day one, our mission has been to enable ROI from the mobile app economy to eclipse that of the World Wide Web,” said Anil Pereira, Founder and CEO of Verious. “Our Mobile App Services platform represents a big step in that direction, connecting rich software modules with leading Web Services APIs, allowing app publishers to save development time and costs and deliver user experiences which were previously unavailable in the mobile app space.”

The first mobile API components launched on the platform, connect mobile developers with services from APIs like CityGrid, The Sports Network and Weather Decision Technologies:

  • Local Search — Developed using CityGrid’s Places APIs
  • Branded Store Locators - Developed using CityGrid’s Places APIs
  • Sports News - MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, college basketball, college football, PGA Golf, soccer, NASCAR Racing and the 2012 Olympic Games—developed in conjunction with The Sports Network
  • Weather Conditions and Forecasts - Developed in conjunction with Weather Decision Technologies

The new mobile API components are offered as “free trials” or licensed on an annual or lifetime basis, and are just a small portion of the thousands of mobile app components, mobile SDKs, mobile contractors and designers listed in the Verious network.

Verious Mobile App Services represents a huge opportunity for API owners to reach a mobile developer audience beyond their own API communities, providing the building blocks mobile developers will need to integrate with their APIs.

Beyond API owners, Verious Mobile App Services is a massive opportunity for developers to be more efficient when building mobile apps, but also providing them with a new way for them to market their skills, and generate recurring revenue for the code and modules they are already building.

While APIs are a silent driver behind large technology trends like social, cloud computing and mobile, with Verious their power is evident in delivering very modular business resources, making companies and developers more efficient in delivering the next generation of mobile apps.


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Thanks for the article. We appreciate the coverage. If any mobile developers or companies have interesting ideas for other Rich API components, please let us know. We've had great response to the ones we've launched so far.


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