API Fortress Introduces Mass Functional Test Generation

API Fortress, an API continuous testing Platform, has announced Mass Functional Test Generation. Mass Functional Test Generation allows users to import OpenAPI files and generate a large number of functional tests for those files. The test generator is currently in beta release with a general availability release expected at the end of January 2020.

"With over 95% of API vulnerabilities caused by human error or functional error, it's very important to functional test all APIs prior to release," Patrick Poulin, API Fortress CEO, commented in a press release. "As more companies accelerate releases and incorporate automated CI/CD pipelines, detecting and fixing functional errors before they are released is more important than ever."

Adequate testing of APIs requires large batches of testing. The Mass Functional Test Generation allows users to accomplish this. Further, tests generated can be reused as monitors and test loads. There's a critical difference between uptime and functional uptime. Mass Functional Test Generation helps test with functional uptime in mind, and monitor thereafter.

Current API Fortress customers can use Mass Functional Test Generation for no additional cost. To learn more about the beta release, visit APIFortress.com.

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