An API for Freelancers: FreeAgent

Freelancers can use the FreeAgent money management tool for a variety of tasks, including project management, time tracking, and invoicing. Earlier this year the UK-based company released an API (in beta) that allows developers to tap into FreeAgent in several ways.

FreeAgent The RESTful API includes access to a variety of information relevant to a specific company/client. API calls include queries for clients, projects, tasks, invoices, and several other elements typically used for managing small business finances. Future enhancements will include support for bank accounts as well as payroll, expenses and taxes. Our new FreeAgent API profile has additional details. FreeAgent's service is available to freelancers via month-to-month subscription plans that start at $20 dollars for universal accounts (i.e., non-UK accounts) and £15 pounds for UK accounts. Several tiers of service are offered for UK accounts and all accounts include a free 30 day trial. Check out the other twenty six other Financial APIs listed in our API directory, including profiles for popular online invoicing services such as BlinkSale and Freshbooks.

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