API Jobs from Mashery, SendGrid and Emergent One

API JobsOne of the lesser known features of API Jobs is the aggregation of API-related jobs from all over the web. Pulling in jobs from GitHub Jobs, StackOverflow Careers 2.0, Crunchboard, and the 37signals job board every hour creates a never-ending stream of possibilities. Check it out next time you're on the site.

Full Stack Developer at Emergent One


"We are looking for a Software Engineer that is passionate about developer communities, REST, and of course, building and consuming APIs. The role will be a combination of development on our Developer Portal solution and our core tech behind generating APIs. You’ll be helping build the API that generates APIs. In fact, that API generated our own private API (so meta!). You'll have a huge impact on the company and customers as a very early member of the organization, and be introduced to a large range of cutting edge API providers." View Full Description or ProgrammableWeb Profile

Developer Evangelist at SendGrid

Berlin, Germany

"Your mission is to work alongside the rest of the Developer Relations team as we build and strengthen the SendGrid Developer Community across the globe. You will play a critical role in helping us accomplish a number of business objectives by contributing in several key ways..." View Full Description or ProgrammableWeb Profile

Director of Product Marketing at Mashery

San Francisco, CA, US

"We’re expanding our Product Marketing team and looking for a world-class Director of Product Marketing to join a mid stage, venture-backed company that’s growing like crazy. Ideally, you love crafting compelling stories, collateral, and tools around technology products and services. You’re comfortable addressing both business and technical buyers. You have great writing, research, and storytelling skills, along with technology fluency, because all will be required to flourish in this position." View Full Description or ProgrammableWeb Profile

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