An API That Makes Life More Fun

Some tasks in life are so boring that they could never be fun, just don’t tell GreenGoose that. GreenGoose is a real life “gamification” company, using small sensors and accelerometers on stickers to track everyday behavior. The company will eventually sell sensors designed to track anything from how often you drink from a water bottle, to how far you can throw a Frisbee. An online account then uses the data collected from these sensors to calculate how often you perform these tasks. The idea is that this would add some fun to your life while helping you stay on top of chores like feeding your dog. The GreenGoose API allows you to pull data from the sensors into any custom application.

Check out the GreenGoose documentation to get ideas. It could allow you to create games of all sorts that can become a part of your day to day life. GreenGoose provides both a REST-based API as well as a real-time streaming version available soon.

GreenGoose is one of 60 games APIs in our directory.

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