API Management Company 3Scale Adds Three APIs of Its Own

API management provider 3Scale just launched three new RESTful APIs, that enable API owners to seamlessly integrate API management services into existing systems. 3Scale has had a service management API for a while now, allowing API owners to authorize access to their API, monitor calls and report traffic. But now the company added three new APIs to its stack:

  • Account Management API - Provides full control over all the organizations, developers and applications using the API, integrating service administration features directly to your back end systems.
  • Analytics API - Pulls out usage statistics for your API, either for the whole service or for each application, enabling integration of stats into your own internal dashboards or provide enhanced dashboards for your API users.
  • Billing API - Opens up access to 3scale’s billing features to enable you to access invoices, line items and payment information for each of your customer with deep integration into your own internal systems.

Rather than relying on external software as a service management tools, API owners can seamlessly integrate 3Scale's API management infrastructure, without sending users out to another web site.

“Our customers tell us it’s essential for them to have and the freedom to optimize their ownership, and to configure and control their assets,” says Guillaume Balas, 3scale CMO. “That’s why we developed 3scale APIs for APIs, a simpler, better way for them to enjoy total business integration of their API management infrastructure platform.”

Its kind of a deep concept to think about API management providers offering their own APIs, but all of the leading providers advocate businesses have APIs to provide new integration opportunities, and it makes perfect sense that they should offer their own APIs as well. 3Scale's new line of API management APIs open up a whole new world of potential integrations, allowing API owners to manage their services, users and monetize and track the usage of their APIs from any existing 3rd party system or platform.

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Btw, I'm CTO of a startup and am evaluating which company to use to manage our APIs


Thanks Kin. So you're saying that this article is right on the money? Your 3-scale marketing spin aside, this article is saying it doesn't bode well for Mashery. What about Webservius?



[...] data service, social media advertising service and a video sharing site. In addition we covered 3Scale’s release of three new APIs. Below are more details on each of these new [...]

Hey Chris...not trying to spin 3Scale. Just laying it out as it is. Proxy isn't always bad to everyone...some people prefer it. And since this article was written, Mashery has launched an on-premise solution so you don't have to route your data through their cloud proxy. So I recommend considering what each offer and weighing carefully against your goals, and whats important to you.

WebServius is all in the cloud, so your data can live in Amazon SimpleDB or otherwise but routes through their cloud based system.

[...] services via a web API.  3Scale has had their Service Management API for a while, but recently added the account, analytics and billing services, making a complete set of API management [...]

3Scale is the only provider currently that DOES NOT run through a proxy. They use a connector solution that does not require your data to run through a proxy. They still however use a per transaction cost, but the volume of calls allowed is much higher than Mashery or Apigee for the cost.

However since 3scale does not proxy your traffic, there are some things it cannot do, like translation and transformation of your data.