API Management Platforms Focus On Helping Business Monetize APIs

A new wave of business support services is emerging from API management platforms. Leading platforms are increasingly focused on offering services that help businesses develop and monetize their API products and services. New services are focused on offering a flexible Platform that allows companies to experiment with various business models as they test the income-generating potential of their new API-based services and products. Last week, Apigee rolled out its new API Monetization Services (see Greg Bates’ exclusive interview with Apigee directors on ProgrammableWeb ). This new enterprise monetization service aims to provide a complete end-to-end solution for companies by creating a flexible platform that allows businesses to experiment with various business models and adapt their API products accordingly. apigee monetization services At the same time, API Management Platform Apiphany has just added a suite of analytics tools to its Dream Edition service offering. The new analytics added to Dream Edition allow businesses to test the business marketability of their API products including reports on API performance (roundtrip analysis, Endpoint performance), usage (which APIs are being used and peak consumption analysis), and activity (how users are interacting with the business APIs, which developers are most successful). At the launch of the Apiphany Dream Edition service in June, Co-Founder and CEO Evgeny Popov said:

We heard our customers’ plea for a more affordable solution to test out the appeal and demand for their APIs and responded by launching our aggressively priced Dream Edition.

apiphany analytics Globally, more businesses are looking at using APIs as the direct interface with customers to deliver end services, as well as to connect internal processes with external partners. A survey by Axway in mid-May found 40% of the enterprises surveyed were using a mix of enterprise and open APIs, with 30% aiming to leverage using APIs to deliver new services and cloud-based products directly to end customers. The survey backed previous research by analyst group Forrester which stated:

“…touch points such as marketplace Integration, embedded commerce ads, in-store digital signage, mobile point of sale (mPOS), and call center applications, among others, will soon be common ways that businesses use these APIs.”

AT&T Director Laura Merling has previously commented that “APIs are the building blocks for the digital economy”, while Axway’s Chief Security Officer John Thielens wrote recently in The Guardian that “APIs are quickly becoming the new route to business transformation and growth.”

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