API Management Vendor Akana Acquired by Rogue Wave Software

The ink for the news stories about Google's acquisition of API management solution provider Apigee has barely had a chance to dry and yet another API management vendor -- this time Akana, Inc. -- has been snatched off the market, this time by Rogue Wave Software. Rogue Wave acquired the PHP Platform provider ZEND in 2015.

Akana, Inc. is one of a handful of API management solution providers (including MuleSoft, TIBCO, WSO2, and Axway) with portfolios that also cover Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)-styled Integration. SOA-based integration, which is largely fashioned after the SOAP and XML-based RPC architectural styles, is viewed by many to be the predecessor to API-led connectivity based on RESTfully-styled Web APIs. Akana was formerly known as SOA Software before it changed its name. 

The acquisition adds another link to a chain of recent acquisitions that share a common characteristic: the pairing of API management with platforms that can host business logic. That trend is more than likely driven by an increasing interest in microservices-based application architectures whereby large monolithic applications are decomposed into discreet API-fronted services that are then glued back together into loosely-coupled application networks.

Most platforms that are capable of hosting business logic -- everything from Rogue Wave's ZEND to Google's Google Cloud Platform -- are also capable of building and hosting microservices. But, as organizations embrace the idea of microservices, they'll have to get a handle on the resulting API proliferation since microservices are typically wrapped in APIs. This is why it makes perfect sense for API management to be coupled with business logic platforms. 

Now, on the heels of Rogue Wave acquiring Akana, Google acquiring Apigee, Red Hat acquiring 3Scale, and TIBCO acquiring Mashery, market watchers will be left to wonder if this is the end of the chain, or if more acquisitions are to come. At the very least, Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP are three major platform providers that should be keen to capitalize on the microservices trend, but that also lack industrial strength API management solutions for taming the resulting API sprawl. What do you think will happen next? Feel free to comment below.

Disclosure: MuleSoft, which is mentioned in this story, is the parent company to ProgrammableWeb.

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