An API For Paid API Usage? It's Called Cloudability

Sometimes the API world can get a little meta. Cloudability is a startup focused solely on helping companies determine how much they're spending in the cloud. Now the company is entering public beta, which includes launching its Cloudability API. That makes the service another API for APIs.

As more businesses are moving to the cloud, monitoring the costs is becoming important. Cloudability tracks more than 80 services, including AWS platforms like Amazon EC2. Cloudability sends the costs as a daily email, sends alerts when over budget and makes it available at any time via its dashboard.

A Cloudability private beta customer Mediacore realized it needed to track its spending when it had a $20,000 overage over a weekend. The service charges for hosting videos, but allows any video to be uploaded for free. Spammers had automated the upload process, causing the over-spend.

Most cloud providers don't have APIs to access spending data, so Cloudability has to employ scraping. That's not the end goal, though. The founders are working on standards for representing and sharing billing and usage data. The first version of this is visible in the new Cloudability API.

The company does not plan to expand its offerings to auto- Scaling servers, according to CEO Mat Ellis. There's plenty of opportunity in identifying spending and providing recommendations for improvements, Ellis said. As large companies move to the cloud, there's a need to see an entire picture of their cloud spending, a problem Cloudability plans to tackle.

The Cloudability API helps expose spending data, which is obviously important to everyone working in the cloud. Customers can then include billing, spending and recommendations into their own dashboards or other applications. Cloudability is free for up to $10,000 a month in cloud spending.

Disclosure: Cloudability is part of a business incubator where I am a technical mentor

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