An API With a Sense of Humor

Wait, what does your startup do? It's a common question among the hip digerati, given that sometimes it's not entirely clear. "It's like Flickr for video," may have been the reply five years ago as YouTube and other video startups grew. But what about now? There are far more hot startups and areas of focus to use as examples. That requires It's This For That, a new site with a sense of humor. And like any good new venture, there's an API. The It's This For That API simply responds with the this and the that.

True to the modern API, it only returns JSON and has an option for a Callback Function, so you can integrate directly into your JavaScript applications. It's a RESTful API, but REST zealots might prefer a more descriptive Resource name than api.

The Fake Name Generator API is a similar idea for those who prefer to generate fake names over startup ideas. And here's something that will shock the web startup world: they charge for the service.

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And how about a few other fun results from It's This For That. Some are good ideas and others might already exist!

What are your favorites?

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