API Spotlight: Argus Fundalytics, Zinc, and The Cloud Simplified With Treasure Data,

Of the many APIs we published this week, seven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll launch those seven into the spotlight, which included the Treasure Data API. Treasure Data is an open source and fast approach to set up data on the cloud without an IT professional. The Treasure Data API sets up the cloud data warehouse through Hadoop-based cloud warehousing using Apache Hive. The API supports uploads from Java, Ruby, Python and others while also supporting SSL Encryption. To learn more about the Treasure Data API visit the Treasure Data site as well as the Treasure Data API blog post.

Argus FundalyticsArgus Media Fundalytics reports on pricing and inventory of crude oil, refined petroleum, coal and natural gas. Argus does so by utilizing 200 commodity journalists and updates these prices and inventories every 10 minutes. The Argus Fundalytics API provides developer access to the energy data with a limit of 1,000 API calls per hour. To learn more about the Argus Media Fundalytics API visit the Argus Media site as well as the Argus Media API blog post.

ShippingEasyAre you an online retailer trying to simplify your shipping process? Shipping easy aims to alleviate that problem by providing a service that tracks processing and shipment of orders across multiple sites. The Shipping Easy API allows developers to integrate this shipping Platform within their third party apps or websites. Shipping Easy has been integrated with such sites as Shopify, Ebay and Magneto. To learn more about the Shipping easy API visit the Shipping Easy site as well as the Shipping Easy API blog post.

AltmetricAltmetric tracks article level metrics. In a nutshell, as defined by the Public Library of Science (PLOS), measures usage, citations, social bookmarking and activity, media coverage, ratings and discussion activity. The Altmetric API provides developers access to its metric data comprised of its database of over 300,000 articles and over 8,000 journals. Each article is given a score based on its "impact." To learn more about the Altmetric API visit the Altmetric site as well as the Altmetric API blog post.

ZincThe Zinc API acts as a bridge between retailers and the bloggers and content writers that review them. In a nutshell allowing products to be ordered from the blog, site,  or app that they are being viewed from without incorporating e-commerce functionality into the site, app, or blog. It just links the ecommerce site selling the product to the blog page eliminating the need to visit the commerce site. To leaner more about the Zinc API visit the Zinc site as well as the Zinc API blog post.

Android 4.2 includes a new feature called Daydream, which allows users interaction with their screen savers. The DreamService API gives developers additional functionality options allowing daydreams to play audio, video, accept touchscreen input, and allow users to jump directly back into an application. To learn more about the Daydream functionality visit the Android site as well as the Daydream API blog post.

WhipplehillWhipplehill helps k-12 independent schools manage everything from calendars to athletics and books. The Whipplehill API allows users to communicate with Whipplehill’s platform, Podium. Podium is a secure communication platform that hosts all the tools and services the Whipplehill platform uses to create unique school pages. Podium simply acts as automated management for the individual sites. To learn more about the Whipplehill API and Podium visit the Whipplehill site as well as the Whipplehill API blog post.

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