API Spotlight: Big Waves with Swellcast and Commodity Trading With The Market Intelligence Network

Of the many APIs we published this week, thirteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those thirteen, which included the Embarke API. Embarke is a gateway developer tool allowing developers to connect to Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email through Embarke’s messaging Platform. This allows developers to create applications from photo sharing to social CRM’s and have them compatible with all social media. Embarke likes to call it an “all-you-can-eat API Endpoint for messaging users.” To learn more about the Embarke API visit the Embarke site as well as the Embarke API blog post.

Market Intelligence NetworkCommodity traders may be able to get an edge on shipping information with the Market Intelligence Network API. The API visually shows the flow of oil products and combines that information with movement histories, port data and much more. Furthermore, the API updates the ship locations 10 or more times a day on average by combining shore and satellite information of over 2,500 ports. To learn more about the Market Intelligence Network API visit the Market Intelligence Network site as well as the Market Intelligence Network API blog post.

BandpageThe BandPage API allows developers to access the BandPage data and integrate it into the websites. The BandPage application creates a platform for musicians to reach fans, fellow artists, and anyone in the industry. Once a band makes a profile page, BandPage provides the option to link it to other social media and sites so artist only have to manage one page. To learn more about the BandPage API visit the BandPage site as well as the BandPage API blog post.

Clickatell ConnectClickatell, a leading messaging solutions provider, has just announced the Connect API, which allows developers to integrate SMS functionality into their web and mobile applications. The Connect API simplifies SMS for developers by providing them all the functionality of SMS without the licensing. Instead, users create a Clickatell account and handle payment through them. To learn more about the Connect API visit the Clickatell site as well as the Connect API blog post.

CheckInOn.MeHave you ever worried about someone’s safety and wanted a better way to know they are safe? The CheckInOn.Me API allows developers access to an automated personal safety system to use in their applications. CheckInOn.Me prompts the user as often as specified for a custom response that assures their safety. If no response is given personal contacts are notified to check on the user. To learn more about the CheckInOn.Me API visit the CheckInOn.Me site as well as the CheckInOn.Me API blog post.

A View From My SeatThe A View From My Seat API crowd sources photos from and individual seat in stadiums, allowing fans to see the view from their seat before they purchase a ticket. The API could be used for such purposes as merging photos with seating charts on stadium diagrams as well as allowing people to find the best possible seat for their money. To learn more about the A View From My Seat API visit the site at Aviewfrommyseat.com and read the full blog post.

Perfect Dating ProfileWant to make sure your first online dating impression meets the best possible version of you? The Perfect Dating Profile API offers professional photography and profile writing services for Integration through its API. Users are matched with professional photographers in their area and professional profile editing services. To learn more about the Perfect Dating Profile API visit the Perfect Dating Profile Site as well as the Perfect Dating Profile API blog post.

FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce.com, a cloud based business applications provider, has released the FinancialForce Accounting API for its accounting platform. The API gives developer’s access to tools like cash management, reporting, ordering and billing, etc. It has also been integrated with many other platforms and API’s for simplicity. To learn more about the FinancilaForce Accounitng API visit the FinancialForce site as well as the FinancialForce Accounting API blog post.

HireRightHireright, the background checking service, has released the Hireright API giving developers the ability to integrate the service into their application. Background checking is crucial to weed out the dubious candidates from the good ones. Hiring in part has also become a game of speed: you need to be quick to offer the best candidates a position before your competitors. To learn more about the Hireright API visit the Hireright site as well as the Hireright API blog post.

RunAlongRunAlong is a female health community specializing in group runs or walks. The idea being having other people to workout with is motivating as well as safe, especially for women who choose to run or walk in the dark. The RunAlong API allows developers to integrate the data into their site or application in hopes of spreading the group running trend. To learn more about the RunAlong API visit the RunAlong site as well as the RunAlong API blog post.

Field NationThe Field Nation API allows developers to integrate a range of functions the site provides. Field Nation matches workers searching for work in a certain field with buyers who are in need of that service. It also provides business management solutions to buyers as well as a range of other aids and online help videos to talk users through using the service. To learn more about the Field Nation API visit the Field Nation site as well as the Field Nation API blog post.

OpinionageOpinionage, an online social network for debating and sharing opinions, has released the Opinionage API allowing developers access to the useful data from the site. Opinionage works like a debate: a topic is created with two sides opposing each other, then people are invited from all social medias to voice their opinions on the topic. The site hopes users will share their opinions and hopefully reach the people needed to make the change happen. To learn more about the Opinionage API visit the Opinionage site as well as the Opinionage API blog post.

SwellcastSearching for that next big swell or top-notch conditions for surfing? The Swellcast API provides just that and can be easily integrated into other apps or websites to provide surfers with wave information. The wave data included in the app is pulled from the wave watch program at NOAA and is currently only for Australia. To learn more about the Swellcast API visit the Swellcast site as well as the Swellcast API blog post.

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