API Spotlight: A Brew-Enthusiasts Dream with TheBeerSpot, ImageFly, and Mocapay

Of the many APIs we published this week, fifteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll launch those fifteen into the spotlight, which included the Sendy API. Sendy is a self-hosted email application that claims to be 100 times cheaper than other services. It does this by allowing developers to send trackable emails via Amazon’s Simple Email Service at a fraction of the price of other email providers. Features include reports, subscriber and list management, and other common email service features. To learn more about the Sendy API visit the Sendy site as well as the Sendy API blog post.

Tribune Media Services (TMS)Tribune Media Services, a leading provider in entertainment related metadata, has announced its OnConnect Managed Services. The Tribune Media Services API comprises of multiple APIs that provide read-only access to a wide range of entertainment data. This data includes Lineups, Stations, Programs, Series, Movies, Sports, Celebrities and etc. Developers can use the API package by signing up with Mashery. To learn more about the OnConnect Managed Services APIs visit the Tribune Media Services site as well as the API blog post.

HabboHave you ever played the Habbo Hotel Game? The Habbo Hotel Game is the world’s largest online community for teenagers, with over 5 million unique visitors per month. The Habbo API allows developers to post their games to the Habbo Game Platform and get access to Habbo’s immense user base. At a relatively inexpensive price, this is quite the opportunity for game developers. To learn more about the Habbo API visit the Habbo site as well as the Habbo API blog post.

Ei3The Ei3 API gathers money from a machine, uploads it to the cloud, and then takes the data and puts it up against performance metrics that allows clients to see the problems and identify opportunities to further efficiency. It aims to bring machine-to-machine communication to manufactures that will help them maximize efficiency and save energy. The API simply gives developers access to the technology for application implementation. To learn more about the Ei3 API visit the Ei3 site as well as the Ei3 API blog post.

Earth911 SearchEarth911.com is an online site trying to better the environment by providing recycling information across the country. The Earth911 Search API allows developers to integrate this search information into the website or application to hopefully better the community. Earth911 provides relevant recycling information for over 300 materials.  To learn more about the Earth911 Search API visit the Earth911 site as well as the Earth911 Search API blog post.

ProPublica ForensicsHave you ever wondered how your body will be examined after you die? Probably not, but the ProPublica Forensics API answers that question. By investigating the quality of autopsies across America, ProPublica has unveiled large amounts of data from the ratios of autopsies to the amount of uncertified pathologists working in a state or county system. The API makes this data available to developers. To learn more about the ProPublica Forensics API visit the ProPublica site as well as the ProPublica Forensics API blog post.

FetchAppThe FetchApp, in a nutshell, is a digital delivery application that covers a wide spectrum of selling digital goods online. From digital storage and inventory security to download restrictions and file transfer, the FetchApp API does it all. Making it an easy way for anyone to sell any downloadable product. The API functionality itself includes managing and retrieving items, orders, and account information. To learn more about the FetchApp API visit the FetchApp site as well as the FetchApp API blog post.

ScholarometerThe Scholarometer API uses crowed sourced annotations of scholars through a social Framework to evaluate the impact of an author’s publication. The API allows developers to track certain authors through name, citation, discipline, relevance and other social metrics. Created by a team at Indiana University, the App aims to uncover how an author’s content is received through new outlets. To learn more about the Scholarometer API visit the Scholarometer site as well as the Scholarometer API blog post.

TheBeerSpotTheBeerSpot API is a brew-enthusiasts dream. TheBeerSpot is a place where anyone who drinks beer can join in on conversations and share anything beer related. TheBeerSpot API simply makes this data available so developers can use it to display the information on their website or application. To learn more about TheBeerSpot API visit TheBeerSpot site as well as TheBeerSpot API blog post.

Australian SynchrotronThe Australian Synchroton API lets scientists access their data from Australia’s Synchroton, the nation’s largest research facility, securely. Synchrotons work by accelerating electrons near the speed of light, channeling the resulting light into bright x-rays, from bright x-rays into infa red light, and finally into work stations for analysis. To learn more about Synchrotons and the Australian Synchroton API, visit the Australian Synchroton site as well as the Australian Synchroton API blog post.

ImageFlyBryan Parker created ImageFly because he was tired of constantly bouncing between image libraries. Now, ImageFly aims to reduce cost, lower development time, and limit required skill sets when creating or updating applications. The ImageFly API simply allows developers access to many image editing tools within web properties and applications. To learn more about the ImageFly API visit the ImageFly site as well as the ImageFly API blog post.

ErgastAre you a Formula 1 car-racing enthusiast? The Ergast Developer API provides a historical record of motor racing data for non-commercial purposes. The historical record dates all the way back to the beginning of the world championships in 1950.  The Ergast Developer API makes this data publicly available for developers to call their favorite racing information. To learn more about the Ergast Developer API visit the Ergast site as well as the Ergast Developer API blog post.

Follw.itFollow.it provides avid movie and television show fans a platform to discuss, review, and make connections with other fans.  Users can share their movie collections coupled with ratings and recommendations with others, as well as view the opinions of others about their favorite shows. The Follow.it API allows access to almost every feature and allows a simple Integration into other applications. To learn more about the Follow.it API visit the Follow.it site as well as the Follow.it API blog post.

Mocapay focuses on mobilizing payment, loyalty, coupon and gift programs through innovative software. Mocapay recently released an API Token Solution that integrates with any POS (Point of Sale) system via an API. Once integrated with the API, merchants can accept payment via QR code, key entry, scan, or NFC without any backend adjustements. To learn more about the API Token Solution visit the Mocapay site as well as the Mocapy API blog post.

weather-api.netThe Weather-API.net API provides developers access to weather information in the US for the past 53 years. With over 2 billion data points to acquire weather information, Weather-API.net uses special caching techniques and database optimization to deliver fast responses despite having multiple data points. The API allows developers to call information about specific dates and specific weather categories. To learn more about the Weather-API.net API visit the Weather-API.net site as well as the Weather-API.net API blog post.