API Spotlight: Bugsnag, Vibetrace and Response Tap APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which include the Displet API. Displet allows developers to integrate Displet’s RETS/IDX realestate solutions into their websites. More importantly, Displet revamps the web design functionality including the ability to search properties, favorite, history, and even different information requirements if users are getting more serious about a property. Property data is used from MLS. To learn more about the Displet API visit the Displet site as well as the Displet API blog post.

Filmon.tv has announced a suite of APIs that allows developers to integrate various different functionalities into their web and mobile site. Specifically, the API provides a means for developers to monetize their sites through commercial and subscription packages. It provides a large selection of content from NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC, all of which come along with pre-loaded commercials and packages. To learn more about the Filmon.tv API and the specific site requirements needed to successfully implement the API, visit their website as well as the Filmon.tv API blog post.

expressFlowExpressflow is a file encryption service focuses on adding security to cloud based services like that of DropBox, Google Drive, and etc. The Expressflow API focuses on something a little different, which are file-processing tasks. Developers who integrate the Expressflow API are given complex file processing and encryption services from any application.  In other workds, the API offers cloud based encryption and cloud based file sharing. To learn more about the Expressflow API visit the Expressflow website as well as the Expressflow API blog post.

BugSnagThe Bugsnag API is designed to find and notify developers of bug issues in real time. With hopes of finding issues early on and giving enough time for developers to fix them, the Bugsnag API can send reports via email, SMS and chat. It also is coupled with an extensive dashboard that provides information on the amount of users affected, when the error happened, and a more in-depth view of where it happened. For mobile developers, it gives a breakdown of which version of O/S is crashing. To learn more about the Bugsnag API visit the Bugsnag site as well as the Bugsnag API blog post.

ScoutThe Scout API gives developers the power to programmatically take advantage of context advertising. Context advertising is the practice of identifying the correct advertisement based on different contextual determinants. These determinants include identifying key words, time, speed, orientation, and even the weather outside that could affect the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns. To learn more about the specifics of the Scout API visit the Scout website as well as the Scout API blog post.

Email-list.com, provider of email marketing and social media tools has announced the release of the Email List API. The Email List API gives site visitors the ability to access counts and quotes on email lists. To be more specific, site users can select a business or consumer list, a geographical location of intended recipients, and send their emails. To implement the API developers simply copy and paste some code. To learn more about the Email-list.com API visit the Email-list.com site as well as the Email List API blog post.

Response TapResponse Tap offers voice-centric marketing technology through its Response Tap API. The Response TAP API enables developers to include number provisioning, call features, and reporting features within third party apps. In addition to these features are some of Response Taps management tools, including placeholders, single numbers, and websites. With plans to expand these features further, look for more functionality soon. To learn more about the Response Tap API visit the Response Tap site as well as the Response Tap API blog post.

VibetraceThe Vibetrace API allows developers to integrate Vibetrace’s recommendation engine into their websites. Functionality allows site visitors to receive recommendations for products based on their behaviors. It also incorporates recommendation widgets along with email triggers to email customers if they have left the site with items still in their shopping cart. The overall goal of the API is turn a target market visitor into a returning customer, with many steps inbetween of course. To learn more about the Vibetrace API visit the Vibetrace site as well as the Vibetrace API blog post.

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